Pet Cemetery

Keep the memory of your pet alive…

The CatsnDogs Pet Cemetery is a pet care leader. It is the first pet cemetery in Attica, created with much love for the last farewell of our beloved pets.

Small pets offer companionship, acceptance, emotional support and unconditional love, during their time living with us. In return, we return the love and integrate them in our families. So, when this special relationship comes to an end, it is natural to feel sad.

Understanding the sense of loss you feel when your pet passes away, our goal is to make the burial process as painless as possible, offering your pet the same dignity and care as the one they had living with you.

Catsndogs Pet Cemetery was set up in a privately-owned area of about four acres in Koropi and is a standard animal burial unit under license (No. 4569/2009) as provided by the European Union and HCCP specifications. It is a pet cemetery that was built with love for the final farewell of our beloved pets. It is the final home for hundreds of puppies and kittens, or even bunnies. Within a specially designed space, many pet names can be distinguished from stamped marbles, photographs, as well as poems from their owners who want to visit them to express their loss and to commemorate their memories.

Via a simple telephone call, our people are by your side and ready to service you.

Pet burial options

Individual burial

In this option, your pet is buried in a wooden coffin and on the burial site a label is placed showing its name as well as its burial code, as many pets may have the same name. The animal is transported to the cemetery in a special vehicle.
Owners are welcome to be present during the pet burial.
The burial cost varies according to pet size. The rental time of the space is 2 years, with the options of either extension, exhumation or cremation of the bones. Of course, owners are welcome to visit their pet, to commemorate it in a beautiful and quiet plant filled area.
Pet Cemetery visiting hours are 11:00 – 13:00 , all days of the week, except for public holidays.

Mass burial

This option keeps a high burial standard with a lower budget.
As with the individual burial, the cost of mass burial, varies according to its size.

Our cemetery, is the final resting place for many pets, dogs, cats, or even bunnies and hamsters.

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